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The Tenderness of God: Reclaiming Our Humanity

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The Tenderness of God

At moments in history, individuals have embodied the gospel message with creativity and passion. One such moment began when a returned veteran named Francesco Bernardone found a whole new world in a desolate space just outside Assisi: a leper colony. Drawn to discover the incarnate God, and joined by a collaborator as able and determined as he, Francis and Clare of Assisi’s desire to live authentically in gospel simplicity ushered in a revolutionary sensitivity to the presence of God within the human community. Today, 800 years later, the first pope to take the name Francis invites us to engage the “revolution of tenderness” to which, he claims, we are “summoned by the God who became flesh.” The example of Pope Francis in action gives us a new and vivid sense of just how compelling radical sincerity and reverent encounter with others can be.

Capitalizing on the legacy of Francis and Clare and the new energy of a visionary pope who raises critical questions about how to be faithful to the gospel, The Tenderness of God invites readers into a rich conversation across time and space about how to recapture our humanity and nurture our God-given capacity to live meaningfully and joyfully in communion with others.

Ideal for individuals and communities; courses in theology, ethics or spirituality; contemplative groups, social justice groups or anyone seeking personal challenge and enrichment.


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